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Community Outreach,
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50+ cycling survey

Take the Year 5 Survey

The next round for the 50+ Cycling Survey (Year 5) is now in full swing. 50+ Cycling Survey, Year 5 to take the survey. Share the links with others.

Then, journal one or two cycling trips on the On-line Journal form.

About the Survey

The 50+ Cycling Survey is a survey of older adults who cycle. First offered in 2018, the survey provides information about the cycling history, habits, and preferences of older adults. The survey helps answer the question: how can our growing understanding of older cyclists affect policy, programs, design, and practice? The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete and has an accompanying on-line journal. People completing the survey are encouraged to tell us about one or two cycling trips using the on-line journal.

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If you can help promote the survey, contact us for more information and content at:

Now available: 50+ Cycling Survey Report, Year 4

Results of the 50+ Cycling Survey, Year 4 are now available from the Mineta Transportation Institute website. The Year 4 survey incudes nearly 5,000 responses from older cyclists in the U.S. and Canada, an expanded visual preference section, information on the type of cycling and bicycles used, and comparisons with Year 3 survey responses. The report also details the life course of older cyclists from learning to cycle to considering a time when they would not. Topics identified for future research include cycling risks for older cyclists of color and the impact of caregiving on cycling rates.

Learn more about the survey by watching two webinar videos:

Unpacking and expanding what we learned

Three topic-specific articles are below. The articles are drawn from the Year 4 survey responses and additional research. The topics are:

  • Cycling and Nature: the connection for older adults
  • Aging and Mobility: A Look at How Aging Impacts Driving and Cycling
  • What We Learned About ebikes from the Year 4 Survey

Survey Data Files

Data files for the Year 3 and Year 4 surveys are available from the Mineta Transportation Institute website at these links:

Year 3 survey

Year 4 survey