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Community Outreach,
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50+ Cycling Survey

dblTilde CORE is partnering with the Mineta Transportation Institute for this one-of-a-kind national survey of older cyclists.

Started in late 2017, the survey grew to include Canadian cyclists in Year 4. Thank you to all who promoted the survey and took the survey. The 5000+ responses provide a rich set of insights for older cyclists. The Year 4 Summary Report is expected in late summer.

See the Mineta Transportation Institute website for

Older Adult Typology of Physical Activity

We have developed and tested a typology of older adults by physical activity (PA) levels. This typology can be used when planning for programs and infrastructure in communities with high rates of older residents. In addition to asking older adults to self-identify as one of four types, we have developed a tool to guide engagement activities by PA type, with the goal of increasing PA rates. An article detailing work to develop and validate the typology and the implementation tool is published in the Journal of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine at:

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Understanding Ageism and Working Towards Change

Watch this video presented at the September 2021 Cycling and Society Symposium.

Study of Older Adult Mobility in Active and Tiered Living Communities

We are working with engineers and planners at Cal-Poly Pomona to study how well older adult communities in California provide ways for residents to walk and bicycle within the community, and how well they are connected to active transportation networks adjacent to their community. Branded, So We Can: Infrastructure that matters for Older Adults, the project includes surveying residents about their experiences, as well as talking with jurisdictional staff about planning and engagement practices for older adult living communities. The project is funded by California’s SB-1 program and managed by the Mineta Transportation Institute.