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Los Angeles Safe Routes for Seniors Program to be enhanced.

dblTilde CORE, Inc., is part of a team led by Toole Design working to improve walking conditions for older adults in Los Angeles. Overall program goals are to

  • Increase walking and bicycling by addressing barriers including infrastructure disrepair, limited crossings, unreasonable signal timing and phasing, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) inaccessibility, and shade and rest along travel routes;
  • Create engaging public spaces that provide area for seniors to convene and build connections to residents and their local
    destinations; and
  • Improve health indicators by enhancing access to direct social and health care services, jobs, healthy food, retail, and recreation.

The project focuses on five neighborhoods with higher rates of older adults and people of color. dblTilde CORE, Inc., is working with Steering Committee members in each of the neighborhoods, assisting with an existing conditions assessments, and identifying infrastructure projects to support walking and a best practices and policy review.

The Los Angeles Safe Routes for Seniors Program is part of the city’s Livable Communities Program.

Get it from the source: Learn how older adults experience active mobility infrastructure.

While active mobility planners and designers have a toolbox for making walking and cycling safe and accessible for older adults, the way older adults experience poorly designed and maintained active mobility infrastructure (AMI) is often not included. This article lays out the interplay among three ways factors affecting older adults’ mobility, then connects them to how older adults experience missing or poorly designed active mobility infrastructure. Click here to read and download the article.

Study of Older Adult Mobility in Active and Tiered Living Communities

We are working with engineers and planners at Cal-Poly Pomona to study how well older adult communities in California provide ways for residents to walk and bicycle within the community, and how well they are connected to active transportation networks adjacent to their community. The project includes surveying residents about their experiences, as well as talking with jurisdictional staff about planning and engagement practices for older adult living communities. The project is funded by California’s SB-1 program and managed by the Mineta Transportation Institute. Click here to read and download the article.

Older Adult Typology of Physical Activity (OAT-PA)

The OAT-PA and accompanying Implementation Tool are resources available for local planning and public health agencies, as well as nonprofits focused on active living and wellness, especially to plan for programs and infrastructure in communities with high rates of older residents. We are currently talking with two such nonprofits about using both to reach older adults: a YMCA in a community with a high percentage of older residents and a Senior Center serving a lower income Hispanic population.

An article detailing work to develop and validate the typology and the implementation tool is published in the Journal of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine at:

Click here to see the Implementation Tool.

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Understanding Ageism and Working Towards Change

Watch this video presented at the September 2021 Cycling and Society Symposium.